Pencil DAO
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Token distribution

PENCIL token allocation

  • Seed sale (2.2%) tokens will be used to make community engagement on initial sale conducted on KCC community channels. Funds collected during this phase will be used as a kick off for public sale marketing.
  • Public sale (10%) tokens will be used for public sale. Collected funds will be distributed in following manner: 70% goes to selected DEX liquidity and 30% goes for marketing and development features.
  • DEX liquidity (6.3%) tokens will be used to add liquidity pair PENCIL-KCS into selected DEX application on KCC.
  • Marketing (4.5%) tokens will be used for promotional rewards, buy ads on crypto sites and other marketing strategies.
  • Development (2%) tokens will be used to hire new people into the team, promoters, designers, developers, community moderators.
  • CEX Reserve (20%) tokens will be used for other DEX and/or CEX listings only.
  • Staking Rewards (55%) tokens will be used as staking reward for Avocardo NFT and PENCIL stakers