🟢Team wallets

  • 0xF24dab11a706394B912E6bCEfc9C6A361bb7D7Aa - Staking Rewards wallet

    • Initial amount: 550,000 PENCIL

    • Purpose: tokens from this wallet will be gradually distributed to PENCIL staking pool and NFT staking pool for users who staking PENCIL or NFT. This wallet will be funded with more tokens as tax is collected, so this would help us to have reasonable rewards for strong holders.

  • 0x0662B89d9Da0e02757A351de359ea9B526AAeb2a - CEX/DEX listing reserve wallet

    • Initial amount: 200,000 PENCIL

    • Purpose: tokens for future listings on other DEX or CEX

  • 0x4257168B1b2BbA1a9E1DB73F8B93D05CF3556baC - Launch liquidity wallet

    • Initial amount: 63,000 PENCIL

    • Purpose: tokens to be used as initial liquidity on MojitoSwap

  • 0x8BB0813E8489fb0d2E1e2b8f63904F15F8aF843F - Marketing funds wallet

    • Initial amount: 45,000 PENCIL

    • Purpose: tokens to be used on promotions, buying ads and other related marketing activities

  • 0x75541094Fb05488A0423023cE08870E02C2eCbBf - Team wallet

    • Initial amount: 20,000 PENCIL

    • Purpose: keep team motivated to deliver new features, hire new members, go to bar and drink some beer 🍺 and similar activities.

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