🟢Stake Lomen NFT


Only users who stake minimum required amount of KCS/PENCIL LP tokens are eligible to Lomen NFT staking

Minimum KCS/PENCIL LP stake required to enable Lomen NFT staking

30 KCS/PENCIL - around 250 PENCIL to 3.5 KCS with current price rate


Staked Lomen NFT is transferred to NFT staking contract and will be deposited back to you only when you unstake your NFT

Step 1: Navigate to "LP Staking (Lomen Bonus)" section: https://www.pencildao.com/staking.html#lomen-staking

Step 2: Now you need to click "Enable" as shown on image below and then confirm transaction

Step 3: Now you can stake your listed Lomen NFT by clicking "Stake" button as shown on picture below and then confirming transaction

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